Australia Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

malcolmturnbull-300x200 Australians React Over Prime Minister Photo Holding a Baby and Beer
Numerous reactions have emerged that have had different reactions over Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull recent social media post.
However, a large number of Australians have defended their Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull after a line ejected over a photograph of him holding his grandchild and a brew.

Mr Turnball shared the picture of himself with his young granddaughter at an Australian Principles football last on Facebook on Saturday nearby the subtitle: “Multitasking at the footy.”
Be that as it may, the photo incited some remark censuring the Prime Minister over the nearness of the lager, with one written work: “Disgraceful holding a child with alcohol in hand!”

A number of the social media reactions by the citizens of Australia had this to say. Have a look beneath:-
Some branded these as “irresponsible” and “disgusting”, but others quickly spoke out to defend Prime Minister Mr. Turnball.
One user wrote: “What a beautiful photo. Mr Turnbull has every right to nurse and enjoy cuddling his grandchild.”
And another said: “Fantastic photo of a granddad with his grandchild! It’s lovely, and all these keyboard warriors need to get a life!”
Another Fb user commented: “Here is a lovely shot of a doting grandfather and his granddaughter at the footy.
“Has anyone complaining here never had a drink and held their child, enjoying a game? People really need to lighten up. This political correctness is getting ridiculous now.”