The great strength of kidneys is of incredible significance for the regulation of the phosphorous level as they can evacuate the additional phosphorous. Also, an abnormal state of phosphorous can cause bone illness and coronary illness.
Individuals who have issues with their kidneys are at higher danger of cardiovascular infection and they encounter more inflammation.

So you can ensure your health is well protected by influencing a kidney to a eating plan and incorporate a few nourishments, so you can expand the intake of antioxidants and supplements.
Here are the Top 7 healthy foods which will improve the function of your kidney:

1. Kidney Beans
Their name shows you for which organ they are most beneficial. They are used as a home remedy for treating kidney stones.

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2. Onions and Garlic
They contain quercetin, a compound which protects kidneys from damage. Add these foods to your diet and you will improve the kidney function.

3. Red Bell Peppers
Red bell peppers are low in potassium and are great for those who have kidney problems. You can mix them into a chicken or tuna salad.

4. Cabbage
Cabbage is a good source of vitamins K, C, B6, Folic acid and is high in fiber and low in potassium.

5. Cranberries
The consumption of cranberries will prevent urinary tract infections. They have the ability to make the urine more acidic and they do not allow bacteria to attach to the inside of the bladder.

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6. Raspberries
Raspberries are full of fiber, Vitamin C, manganese, folate, and Vitamin B. moreover they have a compound which neutralizes the free radicals, known as ellagic acid.

7. Egg Whites
It is very important to know that egg white contains less phosphorous than egg yolks or meat, so you can include it in your kidney diet.