For any new user of a certain computer or laptop without some knowledge can really be cumbersome. As well, at some instances, using or trying to operate a PC that you are new at besides you have some computer applications knowledge, it may as well not be user friendly, truth be told.
But for the case of say a new purchased laptop or desktop PC, it always boots up and responds quickly on the clicks hit on certain menu items or links, which is very good since that is how it should be. However, as you keep on installing new software’s, games, applications, documents, music, videos and different kinds of stuff, the PC begins to back off and slowing down and taking up to hours or many minutes (frequently) to restart or even launch a certain program.

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It can disappoint especially when you look at that Windows logo flickering endlessly when you need to use your PC really urgently and additionally boring you when programs hang and applications hang in the wake of finishing the extensively and lengthy task/=startup process.

It is still conceivable and possible to regain it’s speed regardless of the hardware your PC desktop or laptop keeps running on and we will talk about how to speed up slow PC or computer 💻 performance.
Below are the best and incomparable ways on how to speed up a slow Laptop or Desktop Computer

1. Disable non-essential startup programs

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2. Scan hard drive for errors.

3. Defragment your hard drives.

4. Delete unwanted Files and Documents

5. Compress Your Files

6. Use Genuine antivirus Software Applications in your PC

7. It’s better to have a power backup device

8. Use genuine software Applications

9. Consult computer Experts for assistance frequently

10. Turn off your PC or laptop whenever you are not using it.