Many computer users across the world usually do not know how to maintain their machines well to maximum optimization. With lack of such tips, their PC’s and Laptops end up being slow and do take a lot of time to launch. Some also do take a lot of time to launch certain applications.

For machines that usually take long to startup, it is always advisable to lessen the number of programs running at this stage. If your PC or laptop is taking too long to boot, it’s presumably in light of the fact that you have dreadfully many computer programs that are running at startup.

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It’s anything but difficult to decrease these and it will influence your PC to start up perceptibly speedier. It is always advisable for one to explore what you are planning to turn off as a few procedures may be required by outsider projects you have introduced.

Below are the top recommended ways on how you can lessen the number of computer programs that are running at startup that make your PC or Laptop to slow down or take too long to launch.
1.) On Windows OS:
– Open the task manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc),
– Go to the startup tab,
– Configure what programs you want to launch with your system.

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2.) On Windows 7 and prior:
– Open run menu ( Windows key + R ),
– Type “msconfig” to access a window with a similar startup section.

3.) On macOS:
– Go to System Preferences
– Click on Users & Groups
– Select your user and click on the Login Items tab.
– You can remove or hide startup applications from here.