Qatar victims ask UK to investigate UAE

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3 Qatari men are claiming to have been tortured and dishonestly detained by the United Arab Emirates. As per their Lawyer, the 3 men were arrested falsely and has asked the UK’s Metropolitan police to investigate the allegations.
Human Rights legal counselor Rodney Dixon said his customers were beaten, hung upside down, and shocked amid their confinement and later made to sign bogus admissions of spying by UAE authorities.

He presented the assertions against the anonymous authorities to Britain police at their Scotland Yard base camp in London on Wednesday morning.
Under English law, foreign authorities can be examined and charged for misuse, for example, torture, war atrocities, and hostage takings.
Arrests can be made by British specialists the minute the charged enter UK territories.
The three men seeking after the case are Mahmoud Abdel Rahman al-Jaidah, Hamad Ali al-Hammadi and Yousef Abdul Samad al-Mulla.

“In the case of one of them, he was held for 27 months in detention where he was tortured,” said the Lawyer.
Hammadi was arrested in 2013 after he arrived at Dubai airport, while Mulla and Jaidah were arrested while driving to the Saudi border from the UAE.
Human Rights legal counselor Mr. Dixon said that the men were determined to “clear their reputations” and wanted compensation from the United Arab Emirates government for their experiences while detained.