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Uganda Set To Launch It’s Own Social Media Platform

According to the latest reports from Uganda, news has it that the Uganda Communication Commission is planning to launch its own social media platform in a bid to lower the cost of the Internet for its citizens. Apparently, the Internet that we always utilize in day to day life in surfing or browsing is owned by America.

This move could see more online users gain more advantage from the Internet and hence more advancement in information Communication Technology in Uganda. According to Engineer Godfrey Mutabazi, the Chief Executive Officer of Uganda Communication Commission, the project is set to be launched this year, 2018.

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As per the statistics of the world Internet users, out of the 45 million population of Uganda, only 12 million people have access to the Internet, which is a very low figure indeed. With their strict policies as seen before, Uganda managed to block the use of Twitter social media platform in the year 2016 during their elections period and later on after the elections, turned it On. The development of their own social media platform as per the Uganda Communication Commission, will enable it’s it ensures have access to social media at a cheaper cost. More news on this move shall be posted here….

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