Arsene Wenger has been the longest serving football team or club manager in England, with over 22 years in duty whilst managing a single football club, Arsenal FC.
Arsene Wenger has a history in his career at Emirates by winning the English Premier League unbeaten, that would leave his name historical despite his departure from the club with most unsuccessful seasons that he used to finish at no. 4 or top 4 on the EPL Table. Wenger has so far won 7 FA Competition cups, with 2 premier league titles during his career time at the Emirates.

Former Chelsea Manager Jose Mourinho (current Manchester United Coach/ Manager) and Arsene Wenger have in the recent past had some beef that have been keeping them on the limelight of rumours concerning their line of duty. At some point in the year
2015 when Jose Mourinho described Wenger as a “specialist in Failure”, the statement sparked so much reactions on social media, the fans and it somehow was the public eruption of the differences between the 2 Managers.

With the current trending news about Arsene Wenger publicly talking about his readiness to quit his job role as Arsenal FC coach after the end of the season 2017/2018, Jose Mourinho had some words of his “special one” to share. In one of the occasions that we approached him at Old Trafford, this is what he had to say:-

“It is not about regretting, I think your question is a typical question from somebody that was not in this side, you were not a manager, a player, of course you don’t know the way we respect each other even when sometimes it does not look like we do not, players that get yellow cards and red cards by aggression actions against each other, bad words during the career, the manager is the same thing but the ones that respect more each other are the ones with the problems.”