4 Genius Ways To Track a Lost Mobile Phone 2019

4 Genius Ways To Track a Lost Mobile Phone 2019. First of all, Telephone or mobile handset burglary has turned out to be very rampant in most countries. Furthermore nowadays where new innovation prompts new phones being discharged. Even more, stiff rivalry and competition between mobile phone manufacturers making android telephones effortlessly open to anybody willing to spend a specific sum.

Having set up this let me give you a few tips in which you can use to try to recoup your mobile phone. A shrewd man once said “It’s better to try and fail than not to try at all”. These techniques are for the most part used via applications and as well, with the IMEI number of the mobile gadget or handset. Below are the 4 Genius Ways on how you may Track a Lost Mobile Phone (2019 edition).

1. Via Google
With the Google Search, you need to go to the “Google search bar“, then type “Find my phone” and it will request you to sign in to your Google account and it will show you the phone you need to locate. This will be very easy for you if you had linked your phone type to your Google account.

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2. By Contacting the police 🚨
This involves the use of the IMEI number. IMEI number is a unique code assigned to each phone and there‚Äôs no way two phones can have the same IMEI number. Likewise, if your phone is stolen you need to report to the police and go with IMEI number of the phone. Also, with receipt you got after purchasing the phone as proof the phone belongs to you. Despite it takes time, it’s the best as the phone shall be found.

3. Mobile Antivirus
Android users know the essence of having an antivirus installed in your phone. However choosing a good antivirus is the task. A good antivirus not only protects you from malware but it also provides you with an anti-theft solution that allows you to remotely locate, lock and even wipe the data on the phone. It also offers a security feature that takes a photo when someone inputs a wrong passcode, password, and pattern multiple times. I recommend AVG or Avast antivirus as a good antivirus.
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4. Smart look
This software also clicks the pictures of the ‘thief’ – in fact three of them and, immediately e-mails it to you. It also comes equipped with a GPS continuous tracking system which is linked to the google map and also assists in tracing your lost or stolen phone.