4 Months Old Baby Slashed Using a Knife By Her Grandmother In Brisbane

A woman in Brisbane has been charged with attempted murder after allegedly slashing her four-month-old grandson with a knife.
The mother of the boy, who lives in Sydney but was visiting the home on Ridgeway Street in The Gap with her son, was woken just after 6am today by the sound of her child crying in his cot.
The boy was found with serious facial injuries with his 64-year-old grandmother nearby. Evidence was also available since a big knife was also found at the scene in the grandmother’s home.

This afternoon detectives charged the grandmother with attempted murder and serious assault. She is due to appear in the Brisbane Magistrates Court tomorrow.
According to Inspector Bragg, the police officers and the paramedics who were called to the home were visibly upset.

Below is a statement by Inspector Daniel Bragg:-
“It was distressing to see such injuries to such a small child. This is the worst-case scenario.
As a police service we do our best to keep people safe, we deal in trauma, we’re used to going to trauma, but it’s always probably the most affecting job you can go to is one involving a child.
I’m led to believe that the ambulance officers who attended were visibly distressed by what they were dealing with. The police officer that was first on the scene, who did an amazing job, as clearly visibly affected by what he saw.”

The tyke was hastily rushed to the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital for medication, as the mother accompanied the tyke/ baby.