5 Main Things You Should Know About Zimbabwe

As the world holds up to perceive what Zimbabwe’s military will do next in the wake of seizing control of the nation and detaining President Robert Mugabe, we take a look at a some of the key things you should know about the nation and its present situation.

1.) Zimbabwe’s economy is in a Mess
Zimbabwe has gone from one economic crisis to another over the last decade. Estimates of the country’s unemployment levels vary, but the country’s biggest trade union claims the jobless rate was as high as 90% earlier this year.

2.) Mugabe has been controversial for some time
The 93-year-old leader has confounded his critics by staying in power for so long.
3.) No much change should be expected in Zimbabwe
If the ousted Mr Mnangagwa does come back to succeed Mr Mugabe as president, his credentials are not too dissimilar.

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4.) There exists an opposition in Zimbabwe
Since Mr Mugabe first came to power as prime minister in the 1980 British-supervised independence elections, there has been opposition to his rule.
He changed the constitution to make himself president in 1987. In 1999 the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) opposition group was formed, and protests and general strikes became more visible as the economy failed.

5.) Mugabe May still remain in Power
As noted, the people being touted to take over from Mr Mugabe aren’t necessarily radically different from him in political ideology.
In a statement on television, the military said it had temporarily taken control to “target criminals” around he head of state, not Mr Mugabe himself.

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