6 Ladies Arrested For Selling Human Flesh As Meat

Its very shocking, disgusting and disturbing news at any point you to hear about such a happening taking place at a hotel and restaurant or in an inn that you have ever visited for a meal or have been visiting numerous times. As per news reaching us, it has been reported that a hotel and restaurant in Anambra, has been shut down after its exercises of serving human flesh went to the awareness of nearby leaders, customers, and to the public at large.

Police were informed about the eatery’s exercises by nearby residents and occupants, where they hurried to the scene and were stunned to see two human heads; still crisp, overflowing blood as per
the BBC source.
The blood was being depleted into a polythene pack, maybe going to be filled in as an alternate delicacy.
“Every time I went to the market, I observed strange activities going on in the hotel. People who were never cleanly dressed and who looked a bit strange made their way in and out of the hotel, making me very suspicious of their activities. I am not surprised at the shocking revelation,” said one of the neighboring residents.

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The police arrested six ladies of whom 2 are the owners of the restaurant while 4 are staff, regarding the wrongdoing. At the time of arrest, they managed to recoup an AK-47 rifle while different weapons including sets of grenades, and a few cell phones.
A local cleric was shocked at the disclosures and couldn’t come into senses with having consumed human flesh. He answered to the police how he accidentally ate human meat at the joint many times without knowing since he was a frequent customer.