A Detailed Outline That Will Make You Understand a Business Plan

While every business owner should have an ongoing planning process to help them run their business, not every business owner needs a complete, formal business plan suitable for submitting to a potential investor, or bank, or venture capital contest.

So do not include detailed outline points just because they are on a big list somewhere, or on this list, unless you are developing a standard business plan that you’ll be showing to someone who expects to see a standard business plan.

Below is a detailed business plan that will enable you to very well understand and be able to easily develop your own business plan without much hustle or stress.

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Detailed Business Plan Outline:
1.0 Executive Summary
1.1 Problem
1.2 Solution
1.3 Market
1.4 Competition
1.5 Financial Highlights

2.0 Opportunity
2.1 Problem Worth Solving
2.2 Our Solution
2.3 Validation of Problem and Solution
2.4 Roadmap/Future Plans

3.0 Market Analysis Summary
3.1 Market Segmentation
3.2 Target Market Segment Strategy
3.2.1 Market Needs
3.2.2 Market Trends
3.2.3 Market Growth
3.3 Key Customers
3.4 Future Markets
3.5 Competition
3.5.1 Competitors and Alternatives
3.5.2 Our Advantages

4.0 Execution
4.1 Marketing Plan
4.2 Sales Plan
4.3 Location and Facilities
4.4 Technology
4.5 Equipment and Tools
4.6 Milestones
4.7 Key Metrics

5.0 Company and Management Summary
5.1 Organizational Structure
5.2 Management Team
5.3 Management Team Gaps
5.4 Personnel Plan
5.5 Company History and Ownership

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6.0 Financial Plan
6.1 Revenue/Sales Forecast
6.2 Expenses
6.3 Projected Profit and Loss
6.4 Projected Cash Flow
6.5 Projected Balance Sheet
6.7 Business Ratios

7.0 Appendix