Why Alcohol Consumption Is Linked With Dementia Disease

It is always good for everyone to love and care about his or her health so as to live longer for many years, as of course no one wants to die quickly nor to suffer from some ailments.
In one of Our Previous Articles , we wrote about tips and ways to live longer and healthy that may enable you to live up to 90-100 years and still remain strong.

In this article, we are going to discuss on why alcohol addicts should start limiting their daily intakes. Frequent and heavy drinking has been one of the main causes of Dementia. According to some recent research, patients who suffered from Dementia, at least 41% of them were caused by chronic and heavy alcohol consumption.
Dementia is a kind of disease or health problem that affects the normal functionality of the brain.

Dementia is a loss in brain function that affects ones daily chores or activities. It’s mainly caused by Alzheimer’s disease.
According to one of the best known Doctors from France, Dr Doug Brown, from the charity Alzheimer’s Society, this is what he said in one of the interviews by BBCDAILY.
“We have known for a while that heavy alcohol consumption can increase your risk of developing dementia. This study suggests that alcohol abuse disorders may be responsible for more cases of early-onset dementia than previously thought.
Anyone concerned about heavy drinking should visit their GP to discuss ways of cutting down and the support on offer.