America’s Richest Celebrities 2019-2020

America's Wealthiest Celebrities 2019-2020 forbes

First of all, Filmmaker George Lucas made it at the top of our list of America’s Richest Celebrities 2019-2020. Probably, this is because most of his wealth came from the $4.06 billion sale of LucasFilm production company to Walt Disney Co in 2012.

However, the figures on the list below are estimates based on our findings about the celebrities of various factors. These includes their known holdings of real estate, art and shares of companies (public and private), and estimated lifetime earnings.

Most noteworthy, the richest female celebrity was Oprah Winfrey, 64, who emerged on the 3rd spot. Certainly, her acting and media enterprises have yielded her a net worth of an estimated $2.8 billion.

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Similarly, legendary Basket-baller Michael Jordan ranked the fourth after boosting his revenues in 2018. Certainly, this is because he “off” his over 30 years deal with Nike Inc as well as his stake in the Charlotte Hornets. Hence, he is now estimated to be $1.8 billion net worth. Have a look at the full list of the top 10 wealthiest Celebs in America:

List of Top 10 America’s Richest Wealthiest Celebrities 2019-2020

1. George Lucas

Net worth: $5.6 billion

2. Steven Spielberg

$3.8 billion

3. Oprah Winfrey

$2.9 billion

4. Michael Jordan

$1.8 billion

5. Kylie Jenner

$909 million

6. Jay-Z

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$907 million

7. David Copperfield

$885 million

8. Diddy

$829 million

9. Tiger Woods

$810 million. And finally,

10. (tie) James Patterson

$810 million