Angry Citizens Set a Blaze Burkina Faso Parliament

Protesters and demonstrators angry at plans to allow Burkina Faso’s President Blaise Compaore to extend his 27-year-rule have set fire to the Parliament of their Nation.
According to reports from Burkina Faso citizens and the media, news has it that the city hall and ruling party headquarters are also in flames in the Capital, Ouagadougou.
As per reports, a huge crowd is surging towards the presidential palace and the main airport has been shut down so far. Witnesses say dozens of soldiers have joined the protests, including a former defence minister, Gen Kouame Lougue.

On the other hand, Members of Parliament have as well suspended a vote on changing the constitution to allow Mr Compaore to stand for re-election next year, 2018. With the continued demonstrations, at least 5/people have been killed in the protests, among the most serious against Mr Compaore’s rule, reports BBC Daily. The military police are said to have fired live bullets as protesters moved on to storm the parliament.
Journalists and news reporters are as of now gathered outside the defence ministry awaiting a
statement from the military.

The main opposition leader, Zephirin Diabre, has called on the military to side with “the people” and has demanded the resignation of the president.
Mr Compaore’s whereabouts are unknown, but he has appealed for calm via Twitter. Mr Compaore first took power in a coup in the year 1987, and has won four disputed elections since then.