Top 10 Best WordPress Themes For Mobile Apps 2019-2020

Top 10 Best WordPress Mobile App Themes 2019-2020 2021

This is a guide list for the top 10 best wordpress themes for Mobile Apps and Softwares 2019-2020. First of all, there are various wordpress themes that are perfectly suitable for Mobile apps and software’s. Hence, selecting the right theme provides one with an easy development task, and numerous features to display in the app.

However, there are various features that you should consider when selecting the right WordPress theme for developing an app.

  • Responsiveness. A good WordPress theme needs to be responsive so that your app may be user friendly on all devices.
  • Call-to-action. Again, a good app theme should have provision for one to place call-to-action buttons. These include in the basic locations of your site like your homepage, header, footer etc.
  • Customizable homepage. Also, a good app theme let’s you be able to create a custom homepage for promoting your software and encouraging downloads.
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Top 10 Best WordPress Themes For Mobile Apps 2019-2020

  1. iTheme2. First, iTheme2 is multipurpose WordPress theme designed for software, mobile apps, desktop apps, and other app-based websites. This is because it has a perfect design and auto adjustable layout with media options. 
  2. Advent. Secondly, Advent is a responsive WordPress app theme with a customizable typography which makes the content more readable. Furthermore, It has a sticky navigation menu, support for Visual Composer builder, social integration, and a WordPress contact form.
  3. Bramble. It’s a multipurpose WordPress app theme that can be used to build a website for your theme.
  4. Specialty theme is a WordPress job-board theme best for a software recruitment website. This is because it has a flexible search functionality that lets users easily search for jobs as well as employers.
  5. Stack. Similarly, stack is a multipurpose WordPress app theme that looks almost like Windows 8. Hence your app when built well, shall resemble Windows 8.
  6. Ultra WordPress Theme. It’s a modern WordPress theme for mobile apps and software. Furthermore, it has numerous beautiful website layouts designed for all kinds of websites.
  7. Astra. It’s a powerful and very fast loading WordPress theme for all types of websites. 
  8. Postline is a simple WordPress theme for developing mobile apps and software’s. It’s best recommended for magazine and news blogs. Hence, a user can easily scroll and for explore your news and blog posts, images, and videos easily.
  9. Pinboard. It’s is the best for those who like sharing their content in Pinterest platform. And finally,
  10. Cousteau Pro. It’s a modern WordPress theme for travel-related apps. This is because it has a search engine that allow users to look for their favorite places, etc.
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