Britain’s Anti-terror Units Face £50 Million CUTS Despite 4 Attacks In 2017

According to reports from the Home Office documents, the budget for the Office for Security and Counter Terrorism is set to depreciate from £947million this year (2017) to £896million in the year 2019-2020 budget.
Theresa May, the Prime Minister of UK, has described the anti-terrorism budget as being at “the heart of the UK’s response to the threat we face”.

Ministry of Labour, shadow minister for security, Nick Thomas-Symonds MP, said that the Home Secretary needs to reorganize themselves in time. “The Home Secretary needs to urgently think again.”

Following the reductions in police staffing levels because of cuts, it is reported that police forces have been forced to reduce their support functions, such as Intelligence Units.
The Home Office said the overall sum spent on anti-terrorism is increasing from £11.7billion in 2015 to £15.1billion in 2020:
“We have also protected overall police funding in real terms, are providing £144million to increase armed policing capability in order to respond more quickly and effectively to an attack and are recruiting an additional 1,900 officers at our security and intelligence agencies.”

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On the other hand, Elite Police Squads have been deployed as terror has gripped the capital. On 15th of September Friday evening, a bomb was detonated at Parsons Green.
The counter-terror specialists are one of Britain’s first lines of defence against terror.