Can Russia Turnoff The Internet On World War III?

The internet is everything in the world of today. Most activities rely on the power of technology; from business, communication, health matters and treatments, education, science and many more. The fear of world war 3 is on the rise and this is mainly between the super power nations like United States, South Korea, Iran, Russia.

US navy have been warning Russia about their frequent undersea trips near the fibre optic cables that do connect the whole world. These undersea cables, which run along the ocean floor, carry almost all the transoceanic digital communication, allowing you to send or receive softwares, information, data, payments etc.

The fear of the internet going into a blackout is causing a lot of anxiety to the world. A professor at New York University who spent six years studying internet cables to write the The Undersea Network, Nicole Starosielski said this.
“The amount of anxiety about somebody sabotaging a single cable or multiple cables is overblown.
If somebody knew how these systems worked and if they staged an attack in the right way, then they could disrupt the entire system. But the likelihood of that happening is very small. Most of the concerns and fears are not nearly a threat at all.”

However, if Russia disrupts the internet undersea cables, it wouldn’t disrupt the internet that much since traffic could still be re-routed the other way, across the Pacific ocean. That is still safer for the world to continue enjoying the numerous advantages of using the internet.