Child Suddenly Paralyzed in Pretoria South Africa

Child Suddenly Paralyzed in Pretoria South Africa after it started with a scratchy throat. First of all, Giovanni a matrix pupil at Hoërskool Tuine in Pretoria later complained to her mum of numb legs. His father Giani Hendricks and mum Elize are now in total grief of heartbreak.

As a result, Giovanni is now lying in the high-care unit of the Kalafong Hospital Pretoria, South Africa. Furthermore, the South Africa child who was suddenly paralyzed in Pretoria has left Doctors wondering what the problem could be. 8 years ago, Giovanni suffered from Guillain-Barré syndrome. Rather, the same symptoms have recurred and now he’s unable to speak nor eat.

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Giani recalls one of the instances: “I was still at work but Elize tells me he became very emotional because he suddenly couldn’t swallow anymore. He was scared the condition was back. His mother tried comforting him and told him to lie down for a bit. She fetched the Bible and anointing oil and prayed for him. But later that evening, when I got home, his condition had deteriorated.”

The hardest bit for Giani is the part where Doctors are also unable to tell what could be wrong. Later, transferred to Kalafong Hospital, where he’s in high-care unit. Consequently, his eyes have all turned red and paralyzed. He’s in a ventilator and being fed through a feeding tube.

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Child Suddenly Paralyzed in Pretoria

Giani says he and Elize and their younger son, Elandré (13), are depending on their faith to carry them through. It’s one of the most trying times in their lives. “Yes, it’s incredibly frustrating to know your child is gravely ill and as a parent you’re completely helpless. But the Lord watches over my child. We pray and we hope — and believe there’ll be deliverance.”

We wish Giovanni a quick recovery and peace of mind to the parents.