The 3 Dangers Of Using a Mobile Phone While It’s Charging

There have been many rumours and stories doing rounds on the internet for quite some time about this topic of mobile phones exploding. Besides that, there has been news doing rounds that smartphones can detonate if you use them while they are charging.

There are a lot of tenets skimming around about how to best charge your phone. A few cases of cellphones bursting into flames have been reported in the news. However, none of these cases were directly linked to using the phone while it was charging.

That doesn’t mean that the problem cannot occur with mobile phones. It may probably happen in instances of poor wiring or incompatible or damaged phone parts and faulty electrical sockets, but this is rare.

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The truth of the matter is, “no explosion” is likely to occur in the ordinary course of events if you are using your mobile or smartphone while it is charging as long as you are using a manufacturer-approved battery and charger.
This does not mean you should go and replace your charger right away.  It, however, is always advisable to use a manufacturer approved gadgets. Additionally, you should buy mobile phones and their gadgets from reputable shops and companies.