Drake Response to Pusha-T Diss Adidon

Drake Response to Pusha-T Diss The story of Adidon. First of all, J Prince is the CEO of Rap-a-Lot recording label which is based in Houston.
Some times back, J Prince told Drake to stop his prolonged disputes with Pusha T as well as Kanye West. Similarly, he mentioned that Drake was “definitely cocked and loaded”.

Furthermore, Prince claimed that the rapper had a track ready in response to Pusha-T diss. However, the track could have been “career-ending” for Kanye West.

“That’s not Drake’s character to tear a man down to that extent… It’s beyond music at that point hence may affect the livelihood. It’s going to interfere with his whole lifestyle from that moment,” Prince said.

Most noteworthy, Drake and Pusha-T have exchanging verbal blows, with Pusha accusing Drake of having a writer for his lyrics. Even more, fathering an illegitimate child on latest diss track ‘The Story of Adidon’. In contrast, Drake had previously hit out at Pusha and accused Kanye of using ghostwriters on his ‘Duppy Freestyle’ diss.

Drake Response to Pusha-T Diss The story of Adidon
Drake Response to Pusha-T Diss Adidon

As a result, Kanye recently took to Twitter and this is what he wrote.
“I’ve never been about beef. I’m about love, lines were crossed and it’s not good for anyone so this is dead now.”