EU faces cash crisis without Britain, says MEP

Independent euro MP Steven Woolfe has said the UK does not owe the bloc “anything” because many projects have already been paid for and that eurocrats are “truly worried about the black hole” looming for their budget.
He also pointed out that Britain, as the bloc’s second biggest net donor and contributor, has funded much EU spending in recent years but that Brussels is saying we “don’t get any of that back”.

In a wide-ranging interview with BBC News , Mr Woolfe warned removing Britain’s injection of around £13 billion a year gross into the European economy every year could have a serious knock-on effect on jobs.

The MEP explained: “They are expecting us to continue to pay for the house we’re no longer buying or going to live in, the bills for everyone while will be living there, the mortgage and the extension that might not even be built.
“If they paid for the architects plans for the road we should pay that back, but frankly we shouldn’t then pay for the road to be build. They should decide themselves if they want to go ahead with that.”