EU SUMMIT: PM Theresa REFUSES to Change Opinion on BREXIT

After arriving in Brussels, Theresa May is expected to convince leaders to push forward the deadlocked Brexit negotiations in a crunch conference today as the scope of there being no deal has hit to a higher peak.

The UK Prime Minister arrived at the EU headquarters this afternoon with a tough challenge of convincing leaders. Basically, the talks are meant to conclude on whether they shall move on to the trade and future relationship phase or not.

The conference meeting had already been hinted as the day members agreed to move negotiations on, but talks remain deadlocked over the divorce bill. On the other hand, the EU’s Brexit chief Michel Barnier cited that chances are that Brexit was unlikely to move forward this month.

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This is May’s second visit to the European Union’s headquarters in the course of the week. Previously, she had travelled to Brussels on Monday to meet Jean- Claude Juncker in a bid to initiate the Brexit negotiations.
Be that as it may, Theresa May is really under a lot of pressure to walk out of talks with Brussels bosses if they refuse to negotiate on matters trade.