Mon. Aug 19th, 2019

Foods That Help Relieve Stomach Pain

Feeling unwell or some kind of body weaknesses is normal as it may happen to anyone in day to day life, be it once after some times. Usually, the alterations of our wellbeing is usually triggered by some factors. Some of these factors include change in diets, change in climate, physical activities, psychological factors, and many more.

Stomach pain or upsets may arise due to some of the foods or drinks you consumed. Depending with what may be the cause, the pain may be so severe or just mild. However some foods are known to be helpful in relieving stomach pains and acne as they help in digestion and soothing of the stomach lining. Consuming fatty foods may cause discomfort to the stomach especially if one has a history of stomach problems. Also, more acidic foods are known to be of risk to those individuals who have ulcers.

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In this article, we are going to highlight some of the best foods to eat when one is having some stomach upsets or stomach acne. Have a look at them beneath.
1.) Bananas
Bananas are known to be a rich source of carbohydrates as well as potassium. Ripe bananas may play a good role in relieving stomach pain since they are easy digestible. The potassium in bananas help in balancing of the body fluids as well as minerals that are essential for the good health of the body.

2.) Ginger
Since the ancient times, ginger roots have been used as a natural herbal in treating stomach pain problems and upsets. It might be very difficult for one to chew raw ginger hence the best way to consume it is by boiling it and sipping the juice while it’s warm, not hot.
Some Individuals prefer taking ginger tea which is as well good. However, some ginger tea products may contain little to almost u felt amount of ginger in them hence one may not see any positive results even after consuming the tea.

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3.) Peppermint
According to some findings by experts in Britain, the oil that is contained in peppermint was found to be a very powerful and natural cure for bowel syndrome infections, poor digestive mechanism, as well as receiving of nausea.

4.) Papaya
Papaya is a natural fruit that grows in numerous climatic conditions and soils. It has numerous nutrients in them making them stand out than many other fruits.
They are known to be powerful especially in helping the body in the digestive processes SAS they contain papain enzyme.