Main Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

Main Foods to avoid during pregnancy period

Many women usually do crave to have their own baby at least, be it one or a number of them in their lifetime and this is good. While on this closet, during pregnancy, most women tend to change their habits, diets, mood and so on. This is obviously not wrong since it has been found to affect almost all women. Most of these changes are usually because of the hormonal change and body adjustment to the new body feeling. In this article, we are going to discuss on the main foods to avoid during pregnancy.

While one may not know what is best for them to eat, it is as well good to consult a doctor or health nutritionist for support or advise on what may suit you during this period so as not to affect the unborn baby.
As a result, we have highlighted on the four main foods that a woman should be careful with or even avoid during pregnancy for her safety and the unborn baby as much as possible.

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1.) Eggs
Eggs are a rich source of proteins and are very health for everyone who is not allergic to them. However, pregnant women should try and avoid eating raw or not well cooked eggs at all costs. This is because eggs may cause salmonella infection, which can make one to start vomiting or even to diarrhea. When this happens, definitely the unborn baby isn’t safe at all as it will affects her health as well as her growth.

2.) Coffee
Coffee or caffeine is not bad but it poses many risks in a pregnant woman since it is a stimulant. Caffeine can trigger the heart beat rate of the baby which is very risky indeed. As well, it may cause unknown worries and tension to the mother so it’s highly recommended for the paged woman to limit or avoid the drink until post pregnancy.

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3.) Papaya or pawpaw
Papaya is generally good for the whole body’s health functionality. However, an unripe Papaya or semi ripe Papaya is totally risky for a pregnant woman. This is because Papaya contains latex, which may cause contraction of the uterus hence can easily cause miscarriage of the unborn baby.

4.) Alcohol
THIS goes without saying. Alcohol at the first place in not good for anyone’s health, since it may trigger a lot of complications. You may imagine now for a pregnant woman.
Alcohol may cause health disorders in a pregnant woman or even cause miscarriage, so it is highly recommended that any pregnant women should try and avoid alcohol at all costs.