Forbes Powerful Women’s List 2019 2020

Forbes powerful women's list 2019

This is a guide list of Forbes most powerful women’s list 2019 2020. First of all, many women across the world are doing incredibly great things that impact the society positively.

First of all, the sphere of Women top lists across the World includes power, business, summit, technology and entertainment. This is because the fields named above are among the most overseen in the special reports globally. As a result, women have managed to be elected in top government posts and hence, gained voices to address issues affecting them. Some of these issues include gender discrimination, domestic abuse, assault, harrassment and many more. However, this does not exist any more as before, “Thanks for the changes in the society”.

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Rather, the 2019 World Most Powerful Women list consisted of women with various iconic attributes. Probably, those with voices to create powerful impacts in the World in matters economy, peace, politics and many more. Hence, there has been shifts from those who were have moved up and down in the list, resulting to newcomers. With this on place, we all expect some global change especially in international/ foreign as well local affairs.

The BBC.CO.UK list of Forbes powerful women’s list 2019 2020 is an amazing, welcoming data representation. Again, the list is the latest since its for July 2019 numeration of the breadth and depth of power held by women in Worldwide. As a result, below is an alphabetical list of the most powerful women:

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Forbes Powerful Women’s List 2019 2020

Rank Name Country

1. Angela Merkel Germany

2. Theresa May United Kingdom

4. Mary Barra United States

5. Abigail Johnson United States

3. Christine Lagarde France

6. Melinda Gates United States

8. Ana Patricia Botín Spain

7. Susan Wojcicki United States

9. Marillyn Hewson United States. And finally,

10. Ginni Rometty United States