Heart Attack Treatment and Prevention

Depending on the threshold and damages done to the patients heart, a vast majority of the people will need several kinds of medications or treatments after a heart attack. The aim of these measures is to prevent future heart attacks occurring.

As per the Doctors, the following are applicable in the treatment:-
1. Aspirin and other antiplatelets
2. Beta blockers
3. ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme) inhibitors
4. Statins
5. Angioplasty
6. CABG or coronary artery bypass graft

Prevention measures of Heart attacks:
1. Not smoking or quitting smoking
2. Eating a balanced, healthful diet
3. Getting plenty of exercise
4. Getting plenty of good quality sleep
5. Keeping diabetes under control
6. Keeping alcohol intake down
7. Maintaining blood cholesterol at optimum levels
8. Keeping blood pressure at a safe level
9. Maintaining a healthy body weight
10. Avoiding stress where possible
11. Learning how to manage stress

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