Here Is The Quick Remedies for Puffy Eye Bags

Numerous individuals across the World do have the problem of waking up with puffy or swollen eyes in the morning. For majority of them, the reasons are probably unknown. In most cases, this usually happens to children who are below 10 years of age and their case is usually bad since there exists some semi-liquid substances that even do make their eyes difficult to open up well. Thus, this usually leave their parents or their mothers with a cumbersome task on the wake since they get stressed on whether it’s an infection or what might be the problem.

Grown up individuals too usually have the same problem and that is why we have this article to help you combat this problem. Did you wake up to puffy eyes?? Here are few natural tips to combat puffiness and refresh eyes instantly.

1. Splash Face with Cold Water
Sometimes, it only needs a splash of cold water on your eyes and face. Most of the times, the puffs under eyes form due to faulty fluid circulation within your face. A splash with cold water constrict the blood vessels and starts the fluid circulation thus reducing swelling in no time. You can even put some ice in water to make it really cold. However, beware! Don’t apply this extremely cold water to the skin around your eyes more than a couple of seconds!
2. Spoon Remedy for Eye Bags
* Place 6-8 spoons in refrigerator and when they get very cold, take them out. Place two spoon on your both the closed eyes. When they get warm, use the next two cold spoons and so on.
* Put a lots of ice cubes in a bowl filled with water and place 4 spoons in it. Take out two spoons when they are cold enough for purpose. Place them on closed eyes. When they come to normal temperature, put them again in the cold water’s bowl and take out the other two spoons. Now place these two spoon on your eyes. When warm change the spoons. Keep on doing till you see your eye puffs gone.

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3. Treat Eye Bags with Chilled Tea Bags
* Take ice cold water in a cup.
* Dip two tea bags in it and take them out.
* Squeeze the tea bags.
* Lie down and close your eyes.
* Place the two chilled tea bags on your eyes. You can use black tea, chamomile or green tea bags. The caffeine tea helps constrict blood vessels to reduce swelling around eyes while the anti-irritants in herbal teas reduce redness and inflammation.
* Let the tea bags sit on your eyes for the time they attain normal temperature.
* Dip them again in the cold water and repeat the steps.
* Do for as long as you can not exceeding half an hour.

4. Tighten your Eye Skin with Egg White
* Take an egg and separate its white portion in a bowl.
* Beat this egg white till it gets stiff.
* Take a brush (or use your fingers) and apply this stiff egg white around your eyes.
* Leave it for about 15-20 minutes till it dries up.
* Now wash your face with cold water.

5. Put Soothing Cucumber Slices on Eyes
Open your fridge to get rid of eye bags in only 30 minutes! Take out that chilled cucumber from the vegetable basket and cut it into roundels. Take two slices and put back the rest of them in the fridge. Now place these cucumber slices on your eyes and relax. Let them be there for the time till they get warmed. Now take two slice out of the fridge and repeat. The astringent properties of cucumber makes your blood vessels constrict to diminish the eye bags.

6. Pamper Your Eyes with Potatoes
* Cut a potato in round slices and place two slices on both of your eyes. Leave them for 15-20 minutes and wash with cold water.
* Peel and grate two potatoes and squeeze to get potato juice. Dip two cotton balls in this juice and keep them on eyes for 20-25 minutes. Remove and wash off with cold water.
* Peel and grate finely two potatoes. You can even grind them after cutting in pieces to get a paste like consistency. Take two clean cloths and place the potato pulp or paste in these clothes to prepare poultice. Close your eyes and place the poultice on your eyes. Let them be there for 15 minutes after which remove them and wash off with cold water.

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7. Gently Massage around Eyes with Hands
* Close your eyes and lightly press the ring finger under your eye.
* Move your finger in arc shape from inside corner of your eye towards outside.
* Make 10-15 rounds. Be gentle enough because eyes are very sensitive organs.
* Repeat the massaging movements for the other eye too.

8. Give the Eyes Salt Water Treatment
* Take warm water in a bowl. Ensure the water is warm and not hot.
* Add half teaspoon of salt in this warm water and mix well.
* Take two cotton balls and soak them in this salty warm water.
* Close your eyes and place these cotton balls over your eyes.
* Let them sit there till the time they get cool.
* Soak them again in the warm water and place on eyes.
* Repeat for at least 25-30 minutes.
* You’ll see your puffiness under eyes diminish after this treatment.

9. Drink Water to Prevent Water Build-up around Eyes
When your body retains water, it results into swelling here and there including under eyes. So keep your body hydrated, drink lots of water. When your body gets deprived of water, it starts accumulating water as a defense. When you drink lots of water, it will automatically release water resulting in reduced puffiness.

10. Sleep Tight and Sleep Right
Depriving yourself of sleep will also give you eye bags. Sleep at least for 7-8 hours as per your body’s demand. Also watch for your sleeping position. Keep your head elevated when you sleep so that the fluid doesn’t build up under eyes due to gravity pull. Do not sleep on stomach, it’s better to sleep on your back for the same reason. Sleeping on sides can also make one of your eyes puffy in the morning.

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