Lemons are often overlooked for their health benefits, left instead to garnish our dishes, flavor our water and brighten our rooms. However, they contain so many health benefits, it is time to give them their due.

Today’s article will discuss the lemon and how freezing them will provide additional benefits. Lemons are very powerful fruits that detoxify the body. However, many people consume lemon juice and think they are reaping benefits. This just is not true.

Lemons must be frozen to preserve their full medicinal characteristics. The rind, or peel, of a lemon can strengthen the immune system, fight inflammation, detoxify the kidneys and the liver, regulate blood pressure, treat depression, fight cancer and prevent asthma.

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Research has shown the lemon’s ability to fight cancerous cells, while positively affecting the healthy ones. It has been recommended that instead of juicing, make smoothies out of this powerful fruit so that it will contain the rind.

To properly freeze lemons, first wash them with apple cider vinegar to remove toxins. Rinse and leave to dry overnight, then place in the freezer.

In the morning, grate the entire lemon, including the rind, fruit and seeds. Place back in the freezer and use to add to smoothies, desserts or dinners.
Let me know, were you aware of the strength of the lemon? Will you be adding frozen lemons to anything? Let me know in the comment section…

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