Mon. Aug 19th, 2019

High Paying Professions in America USA 2019 2020

Just like in one of the previous post on the best paying professions, in this article, we are going to focus on America. First of all, many people are earning good money out there and the truth is that its the fruits of their sweat. This is probably because they developed demanding skills or rather, they pursued the best programs. Hence, in this article, we are going to list the best paid or paying professions in America (USA) for 2019 2020.

1. Project Manager. First of all, a profession like Project management requires intense skills in Business, Finance, Engineering as well as Experience. This is because it is an all round career that entails project initiation to execution. With a bachelor’s degree in project management and a professional certification, you can earn a salary of more than $70,950.

2. Physician Assistant. In the United States of America, most of the Physician Assistants earn up to $85,000 per month depending of the task force involved. Some of the duties undertaken by the physicians include:

  • examining and diagnosing patients,
  • writing prescriptions,
  • performing medical procedures under the supervision of a  physician.
    In contrast, most of the Physician Assistants pursue the course for probably 2-3 years as undergraduates.
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3. Software Engineer. Technology has been the subject of the world ever since its inception in the business industry. As a result, most firms and companies need software developers and ICT Mage experts to aid in security enhancement. Furthermore, in developing systems, apps and boosting their online presence to the world.

4. Marketing Manager. As a Marketing Managers, one needs to be critically important for the company’s targets. For example, having the required skills to promote their company’s products or services. Hence, with positive productivity results, a marketing manager may earn up to $70,000 per month.

5. Nurse Practitioner. Similarly, a nurse practitioner may earn even more than a Physician Assistant. This is because most of the tasks they are enlisted to are almost as the ones of the Doctor’s. In America, a Nurse Practitioner may earn up to $105,000 depending on the institution.

Other High Paying Professions/ Jobs in America/ USA 2019 2020

6. Business Analyst. Most business analysts aid firms in improving their quality as well as their productivity. Besides all, they help in overseeing the audit reports through examining information and data analysis. Most of them earn up to $69,163.

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7. Operations Manager. Their main responsibly us to oversee proper functioning of businesses for best performance and efficient results. They earn a salary of up to $68,500 depending of the employer’s.

8. Occupational Therapist. Most of them earn a median base salary of up to $73,450. To be an occupational Therapist, you need to be a holder of a bachelor’s degree. Furthermore, you need to have enrolled for a two-year master’s program to boost your knowledge. Hence, you will have to learn about anatomy, kinesiology, therapeutic technology and patient care and communication.

9. Electrical Engineer. Just like computer engineers and civil engineers, they are the fundamental individuals in every industry in the world of today. The experienced electrical engineers earn up to $95,000 without any bargains.

10. Product Manager. They lead in oversight of specific or various products of a company or firm. This may be through competitive analysis, research, marketing and so on. Most of those employed in the top firms earn a median base salary of up to $113,886.