How Stomach Ulcers Are Easily Treated

Stomach ulcers treatment is very vital and important especially in patients who have been tested positive to the illness. The treatment may vary depending on the cause of your ulcer. Most ulcers can be treated with a prescription from your Doctor, but in rare and severe cases, surgery may be required.

It is very significant to promptly treat an ulcer before it gets worse. It is always recommended that a person suffering from an ulcer should discuss a treatment plan with his or her Doctor. If you have an actively bleeding ulcer, you’ll likely be hospitalized for intensive treatment with endoscopy and IV ulcer medications. You may also require a blood transfusion.

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Below are some of the best ways on how Stomach Ulcers may be treated before it endangers a life:-
1.) Nonsurgical treatment
If your stomach ulcer is as the result of H. pylori, you will need antibiotics and drugs called proton pump inhibitors (PPIs). PPIs block the stomach cells that produce acid.
Most patients are always given H. Pylori kit that are usually a dose for 2-4 weeks.

2.) Surgical treatment
In cases of complicated stomach ulcers, a surgery may be required. This may be the case for ulcers that:-
• Continue to return,
• Do not heal,
• Bleed,
• Tear through the stomach,
• Keep food from flowing out of the stomach into the small intestine.

Surgery may include:
• Removal of the entire ulcer,
• Tying off a bleeding artery,
• Cutting off the stomach acid production nerve,
• Tissues repatching from one part of the intestine to the affected area.

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