SHOCKING: How Technology May Soon End The World

The vast majority of us would prefer not to backpedal or do back like in the days to a period when there was no technology. Be that as it may, that doesn’t imply that innovation and technology is constantly significant. There are a few revelations that may make critical harm our reality and the populace – particularly as people don’t generally adopt the protected or watchful strategy.

Here are some ways that technology could prompt the apocalypse to the end of the World:-

1.) We Cause a Nuclear Holocaust from the Swipe of a Smartphone Screen Mobile phones have become so sophisticated that even governmental institutions have found a hard task to combat some unknown acts and unlawful deeds that do take place via the gadgets. Beside’s all, the ever emerging phones may have remote controls that could easily trigger even some unexpected explosions, probably, who knows!!? The technology is far much ahead nowadays.
2.) Nanobots Take Over
Tiny robots that can do scientific tasks sound like science fiction. However, nanobots do exist. But what if someone programmed the nanobots to do something destructive? What about the doomsday scenario that is called “grey goo” where the nanobots consume everything and cause the end of the world? If this scenario occurs, then it can happen in a heartbeat. It seems likely the nanobot revolution will not be televised.

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3.) Robots Flip the Script
The Terminator movies focus on a reality where the robots have taken over the world. We have programmed robots to do many tasks and are even trying to get the robots to think for themselves as well. Robots that can think may decide they can do a better job of running things than humans. We may end up living out the Terminator Skynet scenario.

4.) Computer crash or failures
Everything is done via computer nowadays. Everyone likes a better, high speed internet when we are away from home to complete our tasks on time and as well catch up with need and trends around us. If hackers create an orchestrated effort to take down the world’s computer infrastructure, we would be in serious trouble. Banks and companies would crash; people and governments would not be able to function. Most people have no paper records – a computer crash would cripple everyone. It is not impossible to think that smartphones could start planting viruses through calls without us knowing it. With the lines between smartphones and computers blurring, it is becoming easier that every for people to track, steal or destroy people’s information.

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