Mon. Aug 19th, 2019

How To Avoid Weight Gain After Pregnancy

How to lose weight after birth or pregnancy

After pregnancy or after delivering a baby, many women tend to start gaining more weight than how they were even before they got pregnant. This is because many women usually do not know how to balance their body add up. In this article, we are going to discuss on how to avoid weight gain after giving birth/ pregnancy.

Your body is in the process of recovering and during this time, many women first day themselves eating too much yet they are eating for one person, not two as before birth. Usually, it is recommended that one should be consulting with their midwives or even consulting a doctor for the best diet to be consuming during this time.

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How To Avoid Weight Gain After Pregnancy

Below are some of the best health Home Remedies that will help you not to add more weight after birth or after pregnancy. Have a look at them beneath:-
1.) Ensure that you eat a healthy and well balanced diet, be drinking more than 5 glasses of water throughout the whole day. If you are a fan of snacks, ensure that you chose them perfectly well to avoid junk ones. This health plan is good as they will give you enough energy to carry on well during this period.

2.) Never carry something heavier than the weight of your baby as this may make you gain more weight.

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3.) Exercise to strengthen the pelvic muscles. You can do this by squatting, doing sit ups but just a few, say 10 in 2 sessions everyday.

4.) Try to avoid stress of the postnatal period as this will help the body hormones to re-balance themselves back to normal.

5.) Try to have enough sleep everyday at night. This should be for at least 8 hours.

6.) Exercise on daily basis after the first 3 days. The exercise ought not to be a hard one, it should be like walking for 30 minutes everyday, swimming etc. This should be done for up to 6-8 weeks continuously.