How To Easily Fix The Problem Of BSOD, Blue Screen Of Death

If you have ever used your own computer for more than a year, you most probably have at one time encountered the Blue Screen Of Death. This is an instance where by the PC or laptop unexpectedly displays a blue screen of errors and has some reports that you need to restart your computer. It usually is about your computer has crashed.

Aside from its nick name, the BSOD is also sometimes called a BSoD (small “o”), Blue Screen of Doom, bug check screen, operating system crash, root kernel error, or simply blue screen of error.

Apparently, most of the Windows operating system installations are programmed to automatically restart after a Blue Screen Of Death. Due to this, it usually becomes difficult for computer users to be able to read the STOP error code or message.
To combat this problem, first of all you shall need to prevent this automatic rebooting process of the blue screen. This is possible if you are able to access the windows.

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As you continue with the troubleshooting process, you shall need to use the dump file reader like BlueScreenView so as to be able to view any errors that led to the Blue Screen of Death. This will aid you to know why your computer crashed, the source of the error as well as the best way to end the problem.