How To End Heartburn During Pregnancy – Best Home Remedies

How to end heartburn during pregnancy

During the pregnancy stages, many women develop numerous complications due to their body’s hormonal changes. One of the main type of complications experienced is a woman having frequent Heartburns.
A Heartburn is a type of disturbing burning sensation usually felt on the chest that is initiated from the upper stomach.

Heartburn during pregnancy are usually caused by the continued adoption of the stomach expansion. Another main cause of heartburn during pregnancy is the hormonal change that the woman’s body is undergoing.
However, there are some of the best home Remedies that can easily combat this uncomfortable feeling and state of the body unlike rushing for over the counter medicines as they may be unsafe or may affect the unborn baby.

Below are some of the main remedies that can help you to overcome heartburn during pregnancy. Have a look at them beneath:-
1.) Eating trends
According to research and findings by midwives and nurses who have been handling pregnant women over the past 5-10 decades, it is highly recommended that the paged woman should eat in small portions but at most times throughout the day.

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2.) Lying or sleeping on your left side
Sleeping on your left side usually helps the body as it aids in avoiding acid reflux from the stomach.
Another advantage of sleeping on your left e.g for pregnant women, lying or sleeping by your left side prevents the liver from adding more weight to the uterus. It also promotes good blood flow to the featus which is very important health-wise.

3.) Water
When experiencing heartburn problems, water is one of the best Remedies in combating this feeling. It is highly recommended that one should be sipping water in small amounts like a half ½ or ¼ a glass after every 10-30 minutes throughout the day.
Don’t drink a lot of water at once since this will not help.

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4.) Elavate your head
Try to at least Elavate your head by sleeping using a pillow as this will reduce the amount of acid reflux to the chest.

5.) Avion spicy foods, alcohol and as well quit smoking.

6.) Consume one glass of unflavored and unacidic yoghurt at least once during the day or even at least an hour before going to bed at night.