Mon. Aug 19th, 2019

How To Naturally Treat Coughs and Colds In Babies and Children While At Home

Young children and even babies are usually prone to numerous infections worldwide. Besides all, mortality reports have it that for every 1,000 children below the age of 2, at least 50 of them usually pass away due to infections that do strike them. This is because their immune is weak, some don’t get first hand care from their parents, and some parents neglects visiting the clinic s frequently as supposed.

When a tyke or infant has symptoms of cold, running nose, low appetite, frequent vomiting, lack of sleep, high body temperatures and many more, it is advisable that the mother should address such issues as soon as possible. This is because handling a sick child can be very difficult indeed.
While at home with your baby, there are a number of natural home Remedies that may help your baby feel better or improve from the life threatening health state he or she is undergoing.

In this article, we are going to highlight some of the natural home Remedies that may to a greater extent aid your baby or tyke feel better whenever they suffering from cold or cough problem.
1.) High temperature
It is recommended that when your baby has high temperatures, you need to sponge wash her with room temperature water on the hands, foot, groin, armpits, neck and so on. As well, washing your baby or young child will help them sleep better and relaxed.

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2.) Immunity
Usually, young children a day babies get sick or feel unwell due to their weak immune system.
Feeding them with fruits such as oranges or lemons would greatly help since they are rich in Vitamin C that aids in fighting throat infections, flu, and coughs.
Strain the juice from the fruit(s) and feed them using a teaspoon. You can as well do this by boiling peeled ginger and lemon juice for say 5 minutes and administering to your child via a teaspoon twice or thrice a day. For babies that are younger than 1years, you may add little sugar in the mixture before feeding them.

3.) Breast milk
For babies who are still breastfeeding, it is highly recommended to never stop or end the lactation period before the required time frame. This is because bre@st milk is usually high in nutrients that help I fighting body infections and quickly know recovery for tykes.
Babies or infants should be bre@stfed for at least six months before the mother starts limiting their Intake.

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4.) Honey
Feeding your child with honey helps a lot since honey is known to be one of the world’s Remedies for coughs. Honey as well helps in boosting the immune system for children, helps relieve sore throat, and in ending bacterial infections. Administering one or two tablespoons of honey a day may greatly help a lot in small children infections

5.) Poultry or chicken soup
According to numerous research that were gathered in India and Israel, it was found out that chicken soup helps in reducing chest congestion especially in babies and children.
This preparation may be served with vegetables such as spinach or celery and fed to babies or children once or twice a day.