INXEBA: Traditional Leaders Get Top Priority In “The Wound” Screening

Producers of the disputable local movie The Wound (Inxeba) have chosen to arrange a screening of the film to help address the worries of customary Traditional Leaders and the objection that tormented its release.
Inxeba has gathered a considerable number of local and international acknowledgment even in spite of the fact that it’s yet to be released locally. It was as of late picked as South Africa’s entrance for the 2018 Oscars. The controversial film, which sparked debate across the country, was chosen by the NFVF to compete for the Best Foreign Language Film in the esteemed honors and awards.

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All things considered, the film was called “offensive” by the Eastern Cape House of Traditional leaders. AmaXhosa lord, Mpendulo Zwelonke Sigcawu and Contralesa’s childhood wing in the Eastern Cape collaborated against the international acclaimed local movie on the premise that it uncovers more than is permitted. The film records customary circumcision in South Africa in a way which many has portrayed as unseemly.

However, producers have come out to set the record straight on issues raised by traditionalists concerning the film. Based on concerns that much of the criticisms of the film come from individuals who have not actually seen the film and are refusing to do so despite being given the opportunity to do so by the filmmakers, the producers had no choice than to conclude that the strong criticism is the result of hatred motivated by homophobia.
Notwithstanding, they hope that an organised screening will help address further concerns.

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