Mon. Aug 19th, 2019

Ivy Wangechi Death and Why She was Ruthlessly Killed

Ivy wangeci death

Ivy Wangechi Death and Why She was Ruthlessly Killed. First, the man who killed Ivy Wangeci a Moi University student has spoken on why he killed the sixth-year understudy. According to Reports, Naftali Njahi Kinuthia, 28, stated that he had invested money and emotions on Ivy but he did not get what he wanted in return. Rather, Naftali confessed to police that he used to send the woman some money. Before the birthday of the late Ivy, Naftali had sent ksh14000 to facilitate the Bash.

Ivy Wangechi Death DCI Report

The girl, according to the suspect, had told him that she was organizing her birthday party, which would happen soon. He said he sent her some money to arrange the event. Since then, the woman refused to pick his calls, said the suspect,” Eldoret East DCI boss Kingi said in an interview on Wednesday.

The DCI Boss ALi Kingi further stated that the man wanted to know why she was ignoring him.

Hence, that is what prompted Naftali to travel from Thika to Eldoret. Kinuthia was from his job shift at 6am in the morning and nothing seemed suspicious about him before travelling. Further, upon arriving in Eldoret, the woman was still not picking up his phone calls and even switched off her phone. According to him, that angered Kinuthia prompting him to look for an axe and kill the girl. “We are still waiting for him to give more details after he is discharged from hospital,” said Kingi.

Ivy Wangechi Death and Why She was Ruthlessly Killed
Ivy Wangechi Death and Why She was Ruthlessly Killed

“According to him, the girl told him that she was going to her residential place to take off her professional attire. She told him she would be back. However, upon reaching her residential place, the woman switched off her phone, effectively blocking her planned meeting with him,” said Ali Kingi.

Her move to block him is what made Kinuthia travel back to Eldoret on Monday to try and speak with Ivy. He further stated that he felt despised after the woman refused to pick his calls.

“From our sources, the suspect bought the axe and knife in Eldoret. They were sharpened in Eldoret. We’re yet to interrogate him further. Once he is stable, he will be taken to court,” added Eldoret East DCI boss.

“He used to visit them often, and is a family friend. They were also shocked why Kinuthia killed Ivy. The suspect and the deceased knew each other since childhood.”
Ivy died in hospital while being attended to by doctors.