Jacob Zuma Gets Another Child From a 24years Old Woman

According to the latest trending reports from South Africa, news has it that Former President Mr. Jacob Zuma has a new tyke who was delivered by a 24 year old woman. The former President Mr. Jacob Zuma is surprisingly understood to be having married at least 11 women, and having a total of with at least 22 children.

The new born tyke was delivered at Busamed Hillcrest Hospital on a similar day with Zuma’s birthday, 12th April. As per leaked confidential reports, it is revealed that Jacob Zuma has been visiting the Busamed Hillcrest Private hospital under tight security and even on the D-day of the delivery that was his birthday.

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One of Zuma’s relative, Ray Zuma had previously mentioned that Jacob Zuma is soon to wed a lady by the name Chonco. When asked whether it was that same lady, this is what he had to say:-
“I can’t see why you are interested. When he was still the president, you [the media] were terrorising him, and now you are all of a sudden interested in him.
No date has been set yet. Both families must come together to decide on the date. We are still in the pre-nuptial phases of the process.”