Jacob Zuma WORLD TEACHER’S DAY Message

Jacob Zuma WORLD TEACHER’S DAY Message To All South Africa Teachers. First of all, as the day comes every year, Thursday 5th October 2017 is World’s Teachers Day. Its a day to celebrate all the teachers across the globe/ internationally.

Also, South Africa President Jacob Zuma sent goodwill messages to all school and institution teachers across South Africa.
With the year’s theme centering on ‘Teaching in Freedom, Empowering Teachers’, President Jacob Zuma expressed his full support and commitment to the teachers welfare.

Likewise, the President of South Africa sent good wishes to all educators in the country, saying there were great value and appreciation for those who shape the minds of young people.
Hence, below is Jacob Zuma WORLD TEACHER’S DAY Message To All South Africa Teacherst:-

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“We join the world today on this special World Teachers’ Day, under the auspices of the United Nations.  Where as a country, we honour and value our teacher’s immense contribution and dedication to deliver quality education and shaping our future as a nation. Let’s continue to support, empower and provide necessary tools to our teachers in order for them to thrive in their profession. On behalf of government, we wish all our teachers a happy and productive World Teachers Day.”