Jamaican Female Artist Spice Gets over 75m YouTube Views

Of course music is a medicine to the souls of majority of us. Music has more positive impact to our day to day habits than the vice vasa or it turned outlook of the understanding.
Jamaica is a country that is full of Performing, artistic and musically talented faces when it comes to dubbed entertainment matters.

Nevertheless, numerous songs that make it to the top of the chats worldwide or globally do have the origin of Jamaica. From reggae to ragga to dancehall, name them.

Dancehall female sensational artiste Spice is the first dope Jamaican artiste to get 75 Million views on a solo song on YouTube. Lady Spice the Queen of stage performance and Queen of Dancehall racked up the numbers on her YouTube Vevo for her ‘So Mi Like’ track which was produced by Not Nice. All in all, the track or song was released in the year 2014.