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Kenya Quintuplets Face Death, Namukhula Traditions

Kenya Quintuplets Face Death, Namukhula Traditions Demand some to be killed.
A Kenya mother from Kakamega County who gave birth to quintuplets is under lots of traditional pressure on babies to face death. While some women day and night are yerning to get pregnant and successfully give birth, some are luckily unsuccessful.

Above all, Evelyn Namukhula, mother of 9 is pivoted on traditional custom beliefs. Recently, she gave birth to five babies all at once. The babies were born weighing between 800 grammes and 1.6Kgs.

Kakamega Quintuplets Face Death, Evelyn Namukhula, Abanyala Kenya Mother 5 babies 2019

Her native traditions, Abanyala, recommends that she shouldn’t look after all the five babies. Therefore, demands that three of the five babies should be killed. Furthermore, she’ll be surrounded by  deaths, financial difficulties, poor crop harvests, among others.

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Even more, most Kenyans have protested on these plans, terming them as selfish, backward and ridiculous in this generation. Many individuals came forwarded themselves as ready to take care of the babies.
Also, Citizen TV host Rashid advised that <i>”Should God bless you with five children, Lulu, kindly take care of them.”</i>

Most noteworthy, the 5 newborn babies are at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret.

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