Kenya Mother Selling Baby For $3000 Arrested.

Kenya Mother Selling Baby For $3000 Arrested. Later, she was arrested after police were tipped. The incident happened at Namboboto village in Funyula constituency. Kenya Mother Selling Baby named MO offered to sell her last born son to one Justus Ojanji. MO pleaded guilty as court charges were being read.

Kenya Mother selling her last born baby for sh300000 $3000 arrested 2019

Charges of child trafficking and offence read as written beneath:
“On March 6, 2019, at Namboboto village in Samia sub-county within Busia County, being mother to SO, a boy child aged one year and six months, (you) offered him for sale to a Justus Odowa Ojanji at Sh300,000. On March 6, 2019 at Namboboto village, Samia sub county facilitated the sale of SO, a baby boy to Justus Odowa Ojanji at Sh300,000”.

Hence, he told Principal Magistrate Samson Temu he was approached. This was because she was a single mother with five other children who she was struggling to upkeep.
Above all, the only other condition for sale was the buyer should be without a child.
“She came and told me she had six children and therefore willing to sell the baby boy,” said Odowa.

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The magistrate directed that Justus who was not in court, be arraigned to face the law. “The person who was to buy the child should be produced in court.” The case shall proceed on Monday 11th March 2018 when Odowa shall be present in court.