Kenyan Man shot Dead While Stealing a TV-SET From a Police Station

Kenyan man steals TV from police station

Some attempts can probably be described as dumbest since even with which kind of math, cannot or would rarely add up to solve a problem or a problematic deal indeed. It is barely the worst of all kind of risks in this world when you dare to try the police by trying to prove to them that you are more armed mentally than them who are well organized mentally, physically and as well, well armed and trained in their line of duty that entails combating unlawful acts, crooks, robbers, terrorists….name them.

A Kenyan man who was arraigned in a Nairobi County Police Station (Shauri Moyo) was on Sunday morning, 5th of November 2017 shot dead after he was spotted sneaking out through the Police Station compound fence carrying a stolen television set which was 55″ inch in size and parameters.

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According to a Police report from the scene that are attached to the county and the station, the plain clothes police officers spotted the man and his accomplice sneaking out of the compound fence. The two criminals were stopped by the police however, they did not respond to the orders.

Reports from the Police officers indicate that the slain man identified as Njoro, with his friend were ordered to stop. However, one of them drew a pistol and shot at the police, who shot back. One man was killed while the other Criminal apparently managed to escaped.