Lucas Moura Arrives In Tottenham Grounds For Medical Test

As the 2017-2018 English Premier League January transfer window nears to its closure that us set on 31st January midnight deadline, many top clubs are now in the rush hour to sign the football players they have been scouting since the open of the transfers.

Not forgetting the clock is ticking and it’s just some few hours remaining, Tottenham Hotspurs are actively looking forward to sign at least a new athlete.
As per the most recent reports, Paris Saint-Germain have already released Lucas Moura who is currently at Spurs training ground as they are testing his sports fitness and medical stability.

Lucas Moura is a Brazilian footballer who is just 25 years old and could actually make a good match for the Spurs if utilized well. Manchester United are the current runners-up against Tottenham Hotspurs who are also said to be interested in the Brazilian footballer.
Lucaz has moved from PSG after the clubs agreed on a transfer deal worth £25 million.