Lupita Nyong’os Sister Reveals How She Was R@ped at 12yrs

Oscar award winner actress Lupita Nyong’o’s elder sister Zawadi Nyong’o has raised eyebrows globally on social media following her recent post. This is after Zawadi revealed that she was s£xu@lly abused when she was just 12 years old.

Zawadi, a very popular vocal gender activist and author made the heart-breaking confession on social media Facebook where she joined other women like Radio Presenter Adelle Onyango in speaking out against cases of r@pe and abuse.

“As a feminist, I feel the pain of millions of women I will never even know or meet and have dedicated my life to this work since the first #MeToo experience I had with sexual abuse when I was just 12.
When it is my own blood, it takes me to places that I don’t even know how to describe in words. But when I find the words, I will speak.
This last week has awakened my levels of consciousness in so many ways. I’m in deep reflection mode & trying to find my voice…..”,
wrote Zawadi.

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She stated so last week where the hashtag #MeToo has grown in leaps and bounds as other numerous individuals also come forward with their stories and life experiences they have been through.

In an emotional message to fellow women who are finding courage to speak out and helping those struggling with the trauma, she said that her heart was with them.
“I see you. I hear you. I feel you. I cry with you. I stand with you. I salute you. I love you.”
This follows days after Lupita also revealed that Hollywood film maker was on her hunt despite she was not interested in the film maker at all.

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