Main Foods That Cause Heartburn Health Problem

Main Foods That Cause Heartburn

Many of us have heard of the word heartburn. As well, some of the people tend to think it relates to the “heart”. However, that is not the case.
Heartburn is a burning sensation that is always felt on the chest and is usually initiated from the stomach. The feeling can be very embarrassing and irritating indeed.

This usually happens when there is an acid reflux from the stomach that makes it come up towards the mouth. This acid may even affect ones voice when it burns your inner mouth Making ones voice to be hoarse. Basically, the extent of heartburn may vary depending on what someone has eaten.

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There are a number of food supplements that usually initiate this irritating feeling. Below are a list of some of the foods you should try and avoid in order not to suffer from heartburn.
1.) Spicy foods
2.) Alcohol and coffee
3.) Citrus fruits e.g lemon, bitter oranges etc
4.) Chocolates
5.) Tomatoes
6.) Onions and garlic
7.) Fatty processed foods.