Meet The Greatest Conwoman On Social Media 2018 – PHOTOS

She is on each of the unbeatable ones probably you haven’t met her online yet, but maybe you’d have been the next victim, why lie….!?
They are fond of using very beautiful, hot and cute looking pictures as their profile pictures and cover photos. For those who do not know, these photos are always not their’s, they just download them from other social media users profiles and use them. Apparently, they collect these photos from other countries that are far from Kenya, even it might be of a miss or a hot chick from a certain University e.g Liberia, or Zaire, (name them) or an upcoming socialite from a far country and then create a fake Facebook account using those pictures; ‘Point noted’.

After the account is successfully created using any number or any given new Sim card, they are good to go. Which is in fact a very easy step or procedure indeed, coz you can easily buy a simcard for as low as even 50 Kenyan shillings.
On this scope, I’m taking you directly to football matches that they usually post on their timeliness, Quincy Moraa, a man of course, just using a lady’s name to capture and attract those who are not acquainted about such business.

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They create a photoshop of a screenshot that is edited, by watermarks, that shows how they previously won over 100k or over 500k, those big figures, then they upload on their timelines. Quincy is one of the conwomen (though he’s a man) who does such kind of business online.
Those photos or screenshots are always FAKE, trust me. If you wanna prove, just zoom them inwards and you’ll notice or be able to see the photoshop watermarks on the figures. This trick is usually done using Adobe photoshop or Corel Draw.

Never send money to such unknown individuals because you shall lose a lot. On the other hand, they can at anytime disable their Facebook or Twitter accounts, or even delete them permanently, you don’t know where you can find them, it’s that simple. Please, don’t be a victim.
At the point that they have posted a free football match of say HTFT, by any chance it flops or loses, say at halfway or halftime, they usually do delete or hide it from their timeline as soon that a lapse of even 30 seconds.
Most of such conmen and conwomen are found in Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Tunisia, Morocco, Qatar, just to name but a few.
Social media Conwomen 2017-2018

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NB: Always be careful when making money transactions with individuals you meet via social media that you do not know them face to face since it’s not always advisable. As well, the social media companies may not be liable to such kind d of loses since probably you did not read their terms and conditions of using their platforms.
Conwomen on social media 2018
Quincy moraa Conwoman on social media 2017-18