The 5 Natural Ways On How To Quit Tobacco Craving and Smoking

Smoking cigarettes is a health or wellbeing risk from the primary smoker to the secondary or second hand smoker who inhales the smoke that’s within their vicinity. That is why in numerous countries, the government has built a smoking zone so as not to affect the non smokers. While smoking is a dangerous habit, on the other hand it has as well caused deaths. Up to 85% of patients who suffer from lung cancer have been found to be smokers. According to findings from doctors, Tobacco utilization kills half of the population annually, not forgetting that there are more than 1.1 billion tobacco users worldwide.

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Tobacco contains over 5,000 ingredients such as carbon monoxide(restricts the red blood cells to get the needed amount of oxygen), tiny glass particles, and arsenic butane(lighter fluid).
This detrimental habit is linked to lung illnesses such as lung cancer or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and heart diseases as a result of the excessive plaque deposits, like heart attacks and congestive heart failure.
Moreover, nicotine increases the levels of cortisol, which is the stress hormone, and thus weakens the immune system, and increases the DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) hormone.

Therefore, the best way to support your health and avoid such side-effects is to either start simultaneously by reducing the daily intake of tobacco. Another best way that is recommended is by avoiding cigarettes, and the following methods will be beneficial in the case of withdrawal symptoms:
1. Using a Nicotine Patch.
2. Eating lime as it helps reduce the crave for tobacco.
3. Regular exercises as this will significantly reduce ones urge to smoke.
4. Eating foods rich in Magnesium helps lower the crave for tobacco.
5. Training ones mentality to sustain the craving as this will help in reducing the craving.

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