Pitogo High School Bullying Video Incident

pitogo high school bullying video

Pitogo High School Bullying Video Incident recorded by one of the students in the classroom.
A bullying incident in Pitogo High School has raised more concern and different reactions after it went viral on the Internet. Most noteworthy, about the discipline in the learning institution. Even more, there has been an increase in reports of such incidences. Numerous groups and organizations have been trying to create public awareness about bullying so as to end such behaviors.

Pitogo High School Bullying Incident Video

A Facebook user by the name Erika Salvacion expressed fury on how her cousin Aeron was harassed. The Pitogo High School bullying video incident was committed by Michael Angelo and Ryan Jericho Sahagun. Its very evident in the clip that Aeron was very innocent. Rather, one of the bullies started to physically harass Aeron without any valid reason.
Angelo and Ryan Jericho have received massive criticisms from the online community but still have the courage defend themselves despite their mistakes.

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